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  • Indigenous Stories at the Royal Alberta Museum

    Indigenous Stories at the Royal Alberta Museum

    Following the success of award-winning documentary “Elder in the Making”, Hidden Story Productions is excited to continue the journey with the production of a series of indigenous media elements for the new Royal Alberta Museum. We will be travelling across Alberta to bring Dene, Metis, Cree, Blackfoot and Nakoda stories to life. These video and audio stories will be exhibited at the Royal Alberta Museum as part of the Human History Gallery opening at the end of 2017.

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  • What is Love?

    What is Love?

    Weddings are both a unique mix of the couple, families, friends, and a ritualistic and ceremonial celebration of the eternal. It’s easy to be cynical of the idealistic and sometimes naive ideas of love, but I think it’s still worth searching for the best of what we can be.  

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  • Elder in the Making (Screening across Canada)

    Elder in the Making (Screening across Canada)

    Elder in the Making is our first feature doc and it opened at the Calgary International Film Festival to a sold out crowd and critical acclaim. To find out more about how you can host screenings, attend workshops, or use this resource in an educational context, visit elderinthemaking.com.

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  • TEACH YOUTH about Digital Stories

    TEACH YOUTH about Digital Stories

    The National Music Centre and Hidden Story Productions partnered to put together a travelling roadcase that will make its way to rural elementary schools across Alberta. Inside the students will find tools to tell their stories of music. Here’s one of five mini-videos we shot to introduce schools to digital storytelling.

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  • LGBTQ and Other Important Letters

    LGBTQ and Other Important Letters

    Not having a lot of experience with the LGBTQ community and what even those letters really mean, I gained new perspective when interviewing people for Yiorgos’ Acts of Greatness project. Gender flexible and androgynous were just a few of the terms I learned. More revealing was their struggle to define themselves when the mainstream ran counter to their instincts. But isn’t that what more of us are facing? Often the mainstream doesn’t make sense and we have to challenge and […]

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