Callout for People who love the Edmonton Region Airshed

Hidden Story Productions is looking for people who would like to help tell the story of the Alberta Capital Airshed (ACA) through video. The ACA is made up of industries, government agencies, municipalities, NGOs, and individuals collaborating to monitor, educate and manage the air quality in the Edmonton and Alberta Capital region.

Edmonton Traffic and Pollution (small)We want to show that air quality is something vital to our everyday lives and is something worth protecting in and around our region. To convey this message through video, we are looking for people who understand the importance of protecting the airshed, and who are willing to illustrate how they personally benefit from it.

For example, we would like to show:

  • people going tobogganing with their kids, jumping in puddles, visiting the zoo, or playing catch in the park
  • individuals who enjoy on the outdoor rink, taking their dog for a walk, or enjoying the outdoors.
  • people jogging or biking outside for exercise or to get to work
  • people who struggle with asthma or other respiratory challenges and depend on good air quality
  • seniors who enjoy the outdoors
  • community leaders (especially mayors) from the capital region cycling to work or spending time in the outdoors with their family

This footage will be used as part of a short video that helps to share the importance and significance of air quality and the Alberta Capital Airshed.


Contact Information

Chris Hsiung