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  • FEATURE DOC in Progress

    FEATURE DOC in Progress

    Elder in the Making is a feature documentary about a Blackfoot Indian named Cowboy and a Chinese-Canadian going on a roadtrip on Treaty 7 territory to explore their shared heritage. We’ve just finished principal photography and are working on it in post. Follow us on http://elderinthemaking.com or at http://facebook.com/elderinthemaking.

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  • Elder in the Making

    Elder in the Making

    :An aboriginal and a settler go on a Treaty 7 roadtrip Over the last year I have been getting to know the cast and crew of the Making Treaty 7 theatrical production. Seeing native and non-native actors, playwrights, dancers, and musicians studying, exploring, and expressing the stories surrounding Treaty 7 was eye-opening. How many of us know anything about our heritage here in Southern Alberta? Can we see how it shapes us today? If the sold-out workshop presentation at the […]

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  • Financial Empowerment, not just Income Support

    Financial Empowerment, not just Income Support

    Momentum hosted a national conference of people dedicated to the development of the most vulnerable in our society. A message that came through really clearly was that all the current asset-building policies support primarily those already with wealth. The more you have, the more you can make. This leaves those without wealth in an extremely vulnerable situation. The corollary then is the less you have, the less you will have. How then do we build capacity and resilience rather than […]

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  • ADVOCATE for Change (Official Trailer)

    ADVOCATE for Change (Official Trailer)

    Discover what Nepalese youth have to teach us about advocating for change in their community. Commissioned by CAWST, an international water sanitation training organization, this participatory documentary puts the camera in the hands of young activists letting them tell their story.

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  • Message from the Field: In Kathmandu

    Message from the Field: In Kathmandu

    With a slow internet connection, intermittent power, I did manage to get one video message out while I was shooting a documentary in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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