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  • Momentum Financial Literacy

    Momentum Financial Literacy

    Here’s a piece about Momentum’s financial literacy program. We traveled all the way to Claresholm, Alberta to shoot this. :-)  What was so revealing for me though was how important financial literacy is for low-income people as well as high-income.

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  • Scenes from CIFF (Calgary International Filmfest)

    Scenes from CIFF (Calgary International Filmfest)

    I managed to catch some of the films at the Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) during the last week of September. Luckily I had a pass to all the movies because I volunteered to do some video for them. They had no requirements as to what I had to shoot, so I just took my camera out and interviewed a few people on the street. I’m always amazed how despite the variety of people I talked to, enough themes emerged […]

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  • SHARE your ideas (TEDxCalgary)

    SHARE your ideas (TEDxCalgary)

    You’ve worked hard planning your event inspiring participants with ideas worth sharing like John Brown, an architect who shares stories about the beauty and elegance of slow homes. Don’t just bring in your camcorder in at the last minute. Get HSP to help you creatively setup the stage and plan a shoot that will honour the spirit of the event.

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  • Mac vs. PC – I Prorogue You

    Mac vs. PC – I Prorogue You

    I met Heather MacIntosh through a friend and found her ideas to be refreshing in the political sphere. Her campaign manager had floated the idea of a Mac vs. PC ad given her name MacIntosh and the main competitor was a Progressive Conservative (PC). So I came up with this script and shot it off a white roll of paper. Apple marketing… you guys are brilliant. And for the other ads we produced: Operating System Incompatibility http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TVHVhn8nPg Oops http://youtu.be/c9_9bkIRHYE Attack […]

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  • Momentum Moments: High Tails Pet Grooming

    Momentum Moments: High Tails Pet Grooming

    Presented at the breakfast fundraiser, this video profiles one of Momentum’s animal-loving client, Debbie Zelez. Through the Self-Employment program, she started High Tails Pet Grooming and describes the ups and downs of business ownership.

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