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  • Making Treaty 7 – A Hidden Story

    Making Treaty 7 – A Hidden Story

      Sometimes the most important hidden story is the one concealed right underneath your local history books. All my life I have lived on Treaty 7 land and know not a single fact about it. I was born in Montreal with a Chinese heritage, but I grew up here in Calgary. Sure, I read something about small pox wiping out most of the indigenous population. Yet for the most part I had this sense that there was no history here. […]

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  • Langevin Filmfest Awards

    Langevin Filmfest Awards

    With the success of the Alice Jamieson Film Festival, I decided I wanted to try this same documentary film project approach with another school. This time Ms. Gemma Epp volunteered her four grade seven classes. Add financial support from Calgary 2012 and the Langevin Parent Council and teacher support from Ms. Keets, Mr. Howe, and Mr. Yeo, it was a great chance to collaborate on a longer term project. Good thing we had five months to work with 120 rambunctious […]

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  • ADVOCATE for Change (Official Trailer)

    ADVOCATE for Change (Official Trailer)

    Discover what Nepalese youth have to teach us about advocating for change in their community. Commissioned by CAWST, an international water sanitation training organization, this participatory documentary puts the camera in the hands of young activists letting them tell their story.

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  • Ron Finley: The Gangsta’ Gardener

    Ron Finley: The Gangsta’ Gardener

    I never thought a South Los Angeles “gangster” would be so moving as an advocate for reconnecting with food. Definitely worth a listen.

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  • Reel World Youth at the Langevin School

    Reel World Youth at the Langevin School

    The last five months I’ve been teaching the entire Langevin School grade seven contingent on how to make a short documentary video. With four classes of thirty students each giving me roughly 120 students and 4 teachers to work with, this has been a challenging and exciting project. This article captures some of my learning from the experience in case others want to do the same.   The Goal As before with the Alice Jamieson School, I wanted to see […]

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