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  • Message from the Field: In Kathmandu

    Message from the Field: In Kathmandu

    With a slow internet connection, intermittent power, I did manage to get one video message out while I was shooting a documentary in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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  • Arriving in Kathmandu

    Arriving in Kathmandu

    Here I am caught on the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal. It is hard to describe the cacophony of visual and audio stimulus. Horns signal the passing of motorbikes, bells ring from Hindu meditations, hammers slam against concrete blocks… and all the while you are assaulted with the smells of curries and garbage, pollution and incense. What brings me here? Well, it’s not to be a typical vacationer or trekker of the Himalayas. I’ve been commissioned by CAWST produce a documentary resource about […]

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  • Meet the Human Race

    Meet the Human Race

    This is quite possibly the most important video I have cut together to date. Not because I shot it. In fact, I’ve taken liberally from Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s HOME, BBC’s Journey of Man, and Ronald Wright’s Short History of Progress. It’s important not because the ideas are original. They are drawn from Leadership Calgary and from the work of the Action Studies Institute. It’s important because it’s a vivid reminder to me every day that I am part of the human […]

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  • Introducing TEDxCalgary

    Introducing TEDxCalgary

    I forgot about this short piece I did for TEDxCalgary last year. The city in which you are born is the one you know the least. It’s just home with its familiar cityscape, favorite locales and friends you’ve grown to know. What is common becomes unworthy of our curiosity. I had a chance to renew my curiosity for my hometown of Calgary. I wanted to tell a story that connected our TEDxCalgary theme of “Breakthrough” speakers with the pioneering spirit […]

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  • The Price of Being Human

    The Price of Being Human

    My eyes were opened to the challenges faced by people with severe spinal cord injuries. I spent some time with Caylan over a few days and discovered something about what it means to have spirit. Find out more at caylanboysefoundation.ca.

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