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  • SELF-EXPRESSION through Film

    SELF-EXPRESSION through Film

    Reality on the reserve is difficult to talk about directly, but after just one week of film training, aboriginals on the Eden Valley Reserve produced a fictional story with enormous heart, truth, and hope. Keep in mind that prior to this, no one had used a camera, boom mic, or acted before. The story, I discovered later, was authentic. Hidden Story Productions provided the equipment, training, editing, and direction. This workshop was held as part of the employment training program run […]

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  • POWER by the People (Official Trailer)

    POWER by the People (Official Trailer)

    I’m proud to present my first documentary short (15 minutes) that I started almost two years ago with Heather Hendrie. Initially I just wanted to get some practice shooting a documentary. However, what was only suppose to take a day, took a year to complete. And now it’s done! Powered by the People is a documentary short about one person’s idea to engage the community on energy issues through a bike powered concert. It will be premiered on June 30th […]

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  • My First Dramatic Film

    My First Dramatic Film

    I got to direct and edit my first dramatic short film! My crew and actors were comprised of a group of adults on the Eden Valley aboriginal reserve, none of who had technical or acting experience. We had less than five days to learn the basics, come up with a script, and shoot it. And you know what? Despite the lighting not being quite right and the camera framing off, the story had an authenticity to it which really moved […]

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  • The Awesome Foundation

    The Awesome Foundation

    Here’s a little known event about a group of trustees who have pooled their money to give $1000 to the best pitch on how to use it for a better Calgary.

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  • TEDxCalgary Mat Wilkins

    TEDxCalgary Mat Wilkins

    Mat Wilkins, a young performer and composer, demonstrates the spirit of the day at TEDxCalgary by showing what you do when your equipment goes “off the tracks”. Here is what we captured that day.

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