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  • All We Are is All I Am

    All We Are is All I Am

    It’s not often I get to shoot a wedding, but this was a classic one where I asked everyone one simple question.

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  • SELF-EXPRESSION through Film

    SELF-EXPRESSION through Film

    Reality on the reserve is difficult to talk about directly, but after just one week of film training, aboriginals on the Eden Valley Reserve produced a fictional story with enormous heart, truth, and hope. Keep in mind that prior to this, no one had used a camera, boom mic, or acted before. The story, I discovered later, was authentic. Hidden Story Productions provided the equipment, training, editing, and direction. This workshop was held as part of the employment training program run […]

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  • Festival of Feats!

    Festival of Feats!

    Highlights from the Festival of Feats organized by Associations Plus for their 10-year anniversary: magic, caricatures, stilt-walking and an eccentric host.

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  • Remembering Sri Lanka

    Remembering Sri Lanka

    Coming back from vacation is cruel in two ways. First you rediscover what you had left behind: domestic chores. Then after a week or two of reintegrating into Canadian society, you can’t remember anything about what was so vivid moments before. So I cobbled together a short video to not only give you a visual taste of the experience, but to remind me of what an incredible experience it was for me to be there. These Sony camcorders work pretty […]

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  • My First “Mini-Doc” Attempt

    My First “Mini-Doc” Attempt

    Still teaching myself the basic fundamentals of filmmaking. While reading a textbook helps you get familiar with techniques, there’s nothing like just getting out and shooting. My wife and I are off to Sri Lanka for a month and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to practice scoping out a story. I have recorded here my theories of what that will be. I’m sure I’ll have a good laugh when I come back.

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