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  • INTERACT by Inviting Participation

    INTERACT by Inviting Participation

    Video is not just about capturing what happens, but it is also about inviting participation and conversation and having their voice heard. In this video, a collaboration with a musician sparked a call for civic engagement among the youth at the federal election.

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  • SHARE your ideas (TEDxCalgary)

    SHARE your ideas (TEDxCalgary)

    You’ve worked hard planning your event inspiring participants with ideas worth sharing like John Brown, an architect who shares stories about the beauty and elegance of slow homes. Don’t just bring in your camcorder in at the last minute. Get HSP to help you creatively setup the stage and plan a shoot that will honour the spirit of the event.

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  • EXPERIMENT and Create

    EXPERIMENT and Create

    Sometimes all you need is a camcorder and an idea to turn one person’s experience into a shared experience. This video on my trip in Sri Lanka was viewed by people all around the world. We can help you turn an idea into reality with a do-it-yourself budget.

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  • ADVOCATE for Social Causes

    ADVOCATE for Social Causes

    Inspire your funders, donors, volunteers, and stakeholders to find out more about your social issue by advocating through video. HSP can help you plan, shoot, and share your story.

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  • EDUCATE by Sharing Knowledge

    EDUCATE by Sharing Knowledge

    You’ve worked hard to bring in speakers like Rob Sinclair to talk about alternative ways of investing money. Or you’ve brought in Maryanne Wolf to talk about leading edge research on child literacy. Shouldn’t this knowledge be shared? HSP can help you increase the reach and impact of your events.

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