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  • What is Love?

    What is Love?

    Weddings are both a unique mix of the couple, families, friends, and a ritualistic and ceremonial celebration of the eternal. It’s easy to be cynical of the idealistic and sometimes naive ideas of love, but I think it’s still worth searching for the best of what we can be.  

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  • Why Ideas of Other People Matter

    Why Ideas of Other People Matter

    Over the last couple months, I’ve been recording speakers engaged with a variety of significant topics. Urban design, public art, child soldiers, early childhood development, new monetary systems… these are the reasons I got into documentary video in the first place. It affords me the pleasure of exploring subjects we often ignore in our day to day lives. But more significantly, the issues we are facing are systemic, and so it will take a systemic approach. We can no longer […]

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  • Final Cut Pro X: Step up from Express, but missing “Pro” part

    Final Cut Pro X: Step up from Express, but missing “Pro” part

    I’m not a professional editor for big house productions, but I make a living shooting live events, producing mini documentaries, and doing some creative work. For this type of work, Final Cut Express actually satisfied enough of my needs (albeit painfully). Hearing the next version was coming out, I eagerly awaited Final Cut Pro X rather than purchasing Final Cut Studio. Finally it came. And oh boy, Apple sure created a mess of a controversy with this release. It’s missing […]

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