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  • Week 7 – Hitting the Computer Lab

    Week 7 – Hitting the Computer Lab

    When I was in grade eight I was typing my school reports on an electric typewriter. If you typed two letters too quickly, the typebars would get jammed. For these two grade eight classes, being a front of a computer was as natural as texting. They are generally computer literate. But can they use it as a tool to help create a story out of material that they shot? As it turns out, given about an hour and a half […]

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  • Week 6 – Bringing Out the Gear

    Week 6 – Bringing Out the Gear

    Time, finally, to bring out the gear! I’m sure the class has been waiting for this moment where they get to shoot video. We went bare bones for our pilot project. The school already had some camcorders, some of which were (funnily enough) alien to me. Where would one get a mini DVD to put into the camcorder? Or what about those cassette tape style camcorders? Fortunately, the rest were hard drive based and they work. With the funding from Awesome Calgary and […]

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  • Week 5 – Interviewing Reality

    Week 5 – Interviewing Reality

    When you hear Jian Ghomeshi on CBC radio or see Bill Moyers on TV interviewing important figures in our society, you take for granted their ability to draw out meaningful stories from the interviewee. This week’s class was about learning how to carry out their interview, a key process for discovering their story line. The interview is for our purposes the core of the project. It is what will give the students direct experience with people they may have never […]

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  • Week 4 – Story Ideas from the Youth

    Week 4 – Story Ideas from the Youth

    This week, a great opportunity to hear from the youth about their story ideas. You know you’re getting somewhere when the students are talking about it outside of classroom. It indicates motivation beyond what we are telling them to do. Kate has been incredible at managing this video project with the other curriculum topics. As much as possible, we are integrating curriculum with Reel World Youth. Ideas for story ideas can come from current events, while fleshing out story structure […]

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  • Week 3 – Developing a Working Hypothesis

    Week 3 – Developing a Working Hypothesis

    Continuing on the journey, we delved deeper with the class into the story making process. Much of story is about making meaning of our lives and the world we around us. It isn’t easy to take a specific event, such as a youth traversing a rope course, to find the larger universal idea of person conquering self and obstacle to find success. It takes seeing a lot of evidence of it to believe that this is a universal pattern. On […]

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