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  • C100: New Member of the Family

    C100: New Member of the Family

    While a camera is a tool for storytelling, I think many artists develop a relationship with their tools. It’s like good friends you have come to know with time. You also know there is never one friend (unless you are supremely lucky) that meets all of your needs. Some friends would love to go hiking in the mountains but would be detest a crowded party.┬áMy Canon 60D takes great pictures and delivers decent video in a lightweight, portable package. My […]

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  • Hot Docs Film Festival

    Hot Docs Film Festival

    I recently spent a week and a half in Toronto for the Hot Docs film festival. Meeting people in the industry, watching films, roaming downtown Toronto in the sun… it is not a bad way to spend a working vacation. First of all, it is absolutely inspiring to see films that one day I aspire to. Secondly, it was great to be able to see a such a range of documentary styles ranging from bare bones handheld camera style to […]

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  • Message from the Field: In Kathmandu

    Message from the Field: In Kathmandu

    With a slow internet connection, intermittent power, I did manage to get one video message out while I was shooting a documentary in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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  • Canon 60D for New Videographers (Part 2)

    Canon 60D for New Videographers (Part 2)

    One project behind me and I was prepared to invest more into the DSLR as a video camera. Magic Lantern My first next step was to install Magic Lantern. It’s an incredible open source firmware written by some enterprising filmmakers that adds many useful video and photo features to the Canon 60D. I wish I had installed it earlier! I was initially reluctant to because I was in the middle of the project and didn’t want to “brick” my camera. […]

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  • Canon 60D for the New Videographer (Part 1)

    Canon 60D for the New Videographer (Part 1)

    What this post is about… This post is for new or aspiring videographers like me who happened to get their hands on a Canon 60D. Shooting video with a DSLR is all the rage now and there’s plenty of info out on the Internet, but for my own records, I thought I’d track a few of the things I’ve learned along the way in my transition to shooting video with DSLR. Why I bought the Canon 60D… There may be […]

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