Although I primarily shoot video, it only makes sense that I should dabble in photography. They are different and also they are the same.  They are different obviously because one is concerned with capturing image at a time while the other many images which includes movement and sound. The editing is more intensive with video.

For both documentary photography and videography, the process is similar in that you have to know your subject, anticipate the action and be in the right place at the right time to capture the right images. You are concerned with framing, with colour, with light. You are also concerned with the story arc wanting a complete set of pictures or a complete set of video clips that together tell the story.

What I’m finding, although I am a beginning amateur photographer, is that photos teach me to be more careful with my shots in video. In video you can be a little more careless with the lighting and the framing and the detail and get away with it. A photo however invites someone to study every little detail, so you have to be more conscientious of it.

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