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  • Maryanne Wolf

    Maryanne Wolf

    Maryanne is a cognitive neuroscientist that studies child development. In this presentation at the Calgary Reads launch, she discusses how reading does not come naturally to human beings and how it must be pieced together from numerous brain functions. Fascinating presentation that every parent raising kids should listen to.

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  • Purple Revolution

    Purple Revolution

    Whew! In 48 hours, Amy Thiessen and I literally wrote, performed, shot, and edited this music video. For us typically non-politically engaged, we were both inspired by the Nenshi mayoral campaign in Calgary. Hope you enjoy our work, and remember to get out and vote! ** Update ** The music video made the CBC six o’clock news, The Current, and the National and garnered thousands of views in the first couple days. See: (fast forward to 6:18)

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  • Opening Retreat Review (Part 2)

    Opening Retreat Review (Part 2)

    In this second highlight video, we start thinking about what intelligence is and what is for. Excerpts are taken from the Leadership Calgary Opening Retreat.

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  • Mike and Korina – A Wedding Performance

    Mike and Korina – A Wedding Performance

    Absolute joy to film these two fun-loving people. Shot at the Bow Valley Ranche in Fish Creek Park with my second attempt at using a Glidecam 2000 and a JVC GY-HM100U.

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  • Calgary Mayoral Forum (Part 3)

    Calgary Mayoral Forum (Part 3)

    Highlights from Make It Good’s Calgary Mayoral Forum, “My Vote Could Have Changed That” on September 22, 2010. In this lightning round, candidates are asked to name their hero. Recorded with: JVC GY-HM100U and Canon Vixia (?) Courtesy: Hidden Story Productions

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