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  • Introducing TEDxCalgary

    Introducing TEDxCalgary

    I forgot about this short piece I did for TEDxCalgary last year. The city in which you are born is the one you know the least. It’s just home with its familiar cityscape, favorite locales and friends you’ve grown to know. What is common becomes unworthy of our curiosity. I had a chance to renew my curiosity for my hometown of Calgary. I wanted to tell a story that connected our TEDxCalgary theme of “Breakthrough” speakers with the pioneering spirit […]

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  • The Price of Being Human

    The Price of Being Human

    My eyes were opened to the challenges faced by people with severe spinal cord injuries. I spent some time with Caylan over a few days and discovered something about what it means to have spirit. Find out more at

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  • It’s crunch time and they are doing it!

    It’s crunch time and they are doing it!

    Editing is my favourite part of the process. Hours of footage to log, hours of footage you wish you had, and out of all that you hope beyond hope that a story begins to take shape. There are problems with boring interviewees, camera shake over the most inspiring parts, cuts that you can’t bear to make… but the final video grows on the computer screen allowing you to see what is only in your mind. The video is never done, […]

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  • One Flew Over the Seniors Home

    One Flew Over the Seniors Home

    What happens when you bring together a script, amateur actors, camera, and music? Well it’s chaos, but the result was something fun and cheeky showing just how many stereotypes seniors can break. Shouldn’t our elders be worth much, much more in our society?

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  • Momentum Financial Literacy

    Momentum Financial Literacy

    Here’s a piece about Momentum’s financial literacy program. We traveled all the way to Claresholm, Alberta to shoot this. :-)  What was so revealing for me though was how important financial literacy is for low-income people as well as high-income.

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