What We Do

Stories play an important part in shaping how people orient themselves to the world. Consider how investigative journalists expose corporate or political wrong-doing triggering public outrage, or how TED talks inspire audiences to explore topics they hadn’t thought about. Stories can develop deeper understanding or create empathy with another human being. The hope is that with better, well-informed stories comes better, well-informed actions.

Hidden Story Productions helps you to tell those stories using video as a tool. Here’s how we would like to work with you:

Step 1: What is the story?

You see something others do not see. It’s something significant that others need to understand, to be aware of, to act on, to be inspired by. It’s something that will connect people to their own sense of humanity and their responsibility to it. But you need help to explore it, capture it, share it, and video is one of the ways you’d like to express that story.

Step 2:

We meet with you to understand the story you wish to tell or investigate, the audience you want to reach, and your overall strategy for delivering your story. If we determine that this story is best told visually, HSP will look at your budget (from shoestring to shoe closet) and figure out how to do it efficiently and effectively.

Step 3:

HSP will work with you to storyboard the idea, plan the shoot, edit the footage, distribute and promote it to an online or live audience.

It’s that simple. So start your thinking process now and setup an appointment with HSP today by emailing Chris at chris@hiddenstory.ca.


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Chris Hsiung