We help people and organizations use documentary media as a tool to educate, engage and advocate on issues of social importance.

We help people and organizations use documentary media as a tool to educate, engage and advocate on issues of social importance.



Media in an exhibit space can immerse people in image, sound, light and story. Whether it’s using projection to bring walls and floors alive or surrounding audiences in sound and music, Hidden Story finds creative ways to embed cultural and historical stories into an installation or exhibit space.

Indigenous Peoples Experience (IPE)

The Indigenous Peoples Experience is a purpose-built multimedia cultural centre at Fort Edmonton Park meant to immerse visitors in an Indigenous worldview. Hidden Story spent two years producing the exhibit content (text, archival imagery, reproduction research) as well as the immersive media throughout the entire centre. Our core team – Chris Hsiung (Executive Producer), Rio Mitchell (Creative Producer), Barry Bilinsky (Creative Director), Laura O’Grady (Project Manager), Emily Paige (Animation Producer), Trey Gilmore (Experience Director) guided by our Indigenous working group led by Ekti Cardinal – brought together multiple production and post-production units and hundreds of community members, artists, musicians, cultural educators, and Elders to create a unique experience of story and meaning.

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Documentary media is about educating the human imagination. Through it, people might empathize with a trapper from the far north, or unpack the colonial history of their nation. From documentaries for broadcast to gps-enabled audio tours or exhibits in museums, Hidden Story wants to help you nurture a more intelligent, compassionate and just society.

Indigenous Stories of Alberta

Hidden Story assembled a team to produce a series of thirty documentary shorts and a 360 projection for the Royal Alberta Museum’s permanent exhibit in the Human History Gallery. Our core team – Chris Hsiung (Executive & Creative Producer), Alex Lazarowich (Creative Director), Shivani Saini (Senior Producer, Project Manager & Post Production Supervisor) and Rio Mitchell (Production Manager) – brought together multiple production and post-production units to produce a series of short media elements, each unique in their character, story, and location. The result was a collaboration to bring Dene, Metis, Cree, Blackfoot and Nakoda contemporary and historical stories to life.  [more…]

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Videos, films, podcasts are meant to connect with audiences. Interviews with teenagers from rural communities can bring their perspectives to an educator’s conference. A well produced TEDx talk can spur insightful conversation. Hidden Story helps you find the right media for the right purpose and context.

Elder in the Making

Elder in the Making premiered at the Calgary International Film Festival to a sold out crowd and critical acclaim. Winner of Best Feature Documentary and Best Original Score in Alberta, this film is now required viewing in schools and companies all across Western Canada. Visit elderinthemaking.com to find out more.

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In an increasingly complex world, we need ways to highlight issues of importance in our society. From calls for individual action on climate change to fundraising for child advocacy, Hidden Story can help you create a story to advocate for your social cause.

Some Secrets Shouldn’t Be Kept

The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre handled the worst cases of child abuse, but needed a way to talk about their important work. However, given a short timeline and the understandable reluctance of victims to speak on camera, Hidden Story proposed a scripted commercial with child actors. The result was a short, poignant video that communicated the essence of the advocacy centre without being gratuitous.

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There’s an idea you want others to understand or a story you want others to experience. We’ll help you find your central theme as well as decide on a format and approach.


What sets us apart is our understanding of the issues and how it fits into the larger context of the earth and humanity. Our aim is to cultivate the collective narrative to create a more compassionate and intelligent society.

Circle Meeting from Above
Filming at Blackfoot Crossing where Treaty 7 was signed


We bring together the right team members to bring the project to life. Our productions have included features and shorts for broadcast on CBC, 360 degree projection installations, and dozens of linear media for museums. From small crews to managing dozens of production and post-production units, we scale for the budget and scope of the project.


So you want to know more about the kind of people we are. What better way than discovering it through our own little stories?

Doing what it takes

Filming in minus 30 degree weather at a location 14-hours away by car which can only be reached by ice road? Let’s do it!

What Sustains Us

My Blackfoot friend Narcisse said that the rivers, the four-legged, the animals that take flight, they too have rights.

Spark of Curiosity

It began with an acknowledgement of Treaty 7, and a question about what the heck that meant.

A Window to the Soul

To the countless number of individuals who have granted me access to their soul-searching thoughts. Thank you!