Momentum is a community economic development agency that helps build capacity in those with low-income by helping manage money, start businesses, or upgrade their skills. Momentum first approached me to shoot video of external stakeholders so that it could be shown at a fund-raising breakfast.

Ultimately what we learned from the stakeholders was more important than what they would say about us. Here were the highlights:

As we talked, however, we realized that the opportunity was in showing the stories of the clients Momentum had impacted. By investigating the stories of Momentum alumni, the benefit of shooting video became threefold:

  1. Funders could see and experience what was happening on the ground.
  2. Videos could be reused online to share with a larger audience.
  3. Momentum could benefit by learning about the details of their impact.

The result was a series of videos that were used to raise money at a fundraising breakfast as well as share the story of Momentum with others. Here is one of those stories:

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