Spark of Curiosity

It began with a statement: “I would like to acknowledge that we are on Treaty 7 territory.” And then it was followed by the realization that I had no idea what that meant. It sparked a curiosity into the Indigenous voices long neglected by the mainstream narrative. I started by reading a few books and browsing the Royal Commission Report of 1996. Then I sought opportunities to help with organizations working on nearby reserves. Before I knew it was I found myself in a Banff residency with other Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, musicians and actors and then I was off on a roadtrip across Southern Alberta with a Blackfoot friend. A feature documentary film and dozens of short stories later I am more deeply connected to the story of Alberta and the richer for it.

Documentary begins with curiosity. I want to know more about my home. I want to know about what the successes and failures of our society. And as an engineer in a past life, I want to know how the world works. From there, a film or a podcast or an article might arise. Or perhaps nothing will arise except for new questions and wider world of human experience.