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Filming at Blackfoot Crossing where Treaty 7 was signed

Hidden Story Productions (HSP) helps people and organizations use documentary video as a tool to educate, engage and advocate on social issues. We partner with people to conceptualize their idea, research and investigate it, produce it and distribute it all within a given budget.

What sets us apart is our understanding of the issues and how it fits into the larger context of the environment and humanity. Our aim is to cultivate the collective narrative to create a more compassionate and intelligent society.

Chris Profile at the Isle of Skye (P1040570)

About Chris Hsiung, President

Business consultant or software engineer, video storyteller or student of the human venture, Chris Hsiung refuses to be defined by titles. Instead, he prefers to be guided by a spirit of learning about the world around him.

The break from tradition began with a fateful encounter with Romeo Dallaire and the horrors of the Rwandan genocide. It led Chris to re-think his nine-year career in telecommunications software design. Consequently, he left the industry to pursue his own consulting business and has not looked back since.

Chris Hsiung is the independent owner of Hidden Story Productions, a small video company that helps people to use video as a tool to educate, engage or advocate for social issues through short documentary stories or creative projects.

Today Chris spends much of his time presenting and researching curriculum through Leadership Calgary, a program studying the successes and failures of human civilization. His concern for the human condition led him to start Hidden Story Productions, a small video company that seeks to capture and share stories which deepen our understanding the life situation.

Chris is the Creative Production Director for TEDxCalgary. Chris also consults extensively with entrepreneurs and small business owners both privately and through Momentum, a non-profit community economic development agency.

You can reach Chris at chris@hiddenstory.ca.


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