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  • Financial Empowerment, not just Income Support

    Financial Empowerment, not just Income Support

    Momentum hosted a national conference of people dedicated to the development of the most vulnerable in our society. A message that came through really clearly was that all the current asset-building policies support primarily those already with wealth. The more you have, the more you can make. This leaves those without wealth in an extremely vulnerable situation. The corollary then is the less you have, the less you will have. How then do we build capacity and resilience rather than […]

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  • All We Are is All I Am

    All We Are is All I Am

    It’s not often I get to shoot a wedding, but this was a classic one where I asked everyone one simple question.

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  • Langevin Filmfest Awards

    Langevin Filmfest Awards

    With the success of the Alice Jamieson Film Festival, I decided I wanted to try this same documentary film project approach with another school. This time Ms. Gemma Epp volunteered her four grade seven classes. Add financial support from Calgary 2012 and the Langevin Parent Council and teacher support from Ms. Keets, Mr. Howe, and Mr. Yeo, it was a great chance to collaborate on a longer term project. Good thing we had five months to work with 120 rambunctious […]

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  • Ron Finley: The Gangsta’ Gardener

    Ron Finley: The Gangsta’ Gardener

    I never thought a South Los Angeles “gangster” would be so moving as an advocate for reconnecting with food. Definitely worth a listen.

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  • Hot Docs Film Festival

    Hot Docs Film Festival

    I recently spent a week and a half in Toronto for the Hot Docs film festival. Meeting people in the industry, watching films, roaming downtown Toronto in the sun… it is not a bad way to spend a working vacation. First of all, it is absolutely inspiring to see films that one day I aspire to. Secondly, it was great to be able to see a such a range of documentary styles ranging from bare bones handheld camera style to […]

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