• Indigenous Stories at the Royal Alberta Museum

    Indigenous Stories at the Royal Alberta Museum

    Following the success of award-winning documentary “Elder in the Making”, Hidden Story Productions is excited to continue the journey with the production of a series of indigenous media elements for the new Royal Alberta Museum. We will be travelling across Alberta to bring Dene, Metis, Cree, Blackfoot and Nakoda stories to life. These video and audio stories will be exhibited at the Royal Alberta Museum as part of the Human History Gallery opening at the end of 2017.

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  • Elder in the Making (Screening across Canada)

    Elder in the Making is our first feature doc and it opened at the Calgary International Film Festival to a sold out crowd and critical acclaim. To find out more about how you can host screenings, attend workshops, or use this resource in an educational context, visit elderinthemaking.com.

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  • TEACH YOUTH about Digital Stories

    The National Music Centre and Hidden Story Productions partnered to put together a travelling roadcase that will make its way to rural elementary schools across Alberta. Inside the students will find tools to tell their stories of music. Here’s one of five mini-videos we shot to introduce schools to digital storytelling.

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  • SHARE A STORY of Essential Skills

    Tell your story through the words of people you’ve impacted. In this short video, two individuals share how learning basic math skills has changed their circumstances and the lives of those around them in dramatic ways. Produced for the SustainAbilities program by Literacy Alberta.

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  • ADVOCATE for Change (Official Trailer)

    Discover what Nepalese youth have to teach us about advocating for change in their community. Commissioned by CAWST, an international water sanitation training organization, this participatory documentary puts the camera in the hands of young activists letting them tell their story.

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  • REVEAL the Human Spirit (Official Trailer)

    An Artist-in-Residency with Sport Calgary has resulted in a wonderful exploration of what sports can give athletes beyond the usual glory and fame associated today’s pro athletes. Thank you to all the local amateur athletes who shared their thoughts and feelings.

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  • SELF-EXPRESSION through Film

    Reality on the reserve is difficult to talk about directly, but after just one week of film training, aboriginals on the Eden Valley Reserve produced a fictional story with enormous heart, truth, and hope. Keep in mind that prior to this, no one had used a camera, boom mic, or acted before. The story, I discovered later, was authentic. Hidden Story Productions provided the equipment, training, editing, and direction. This workshop was held as part of the employment training program run […]

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  • POWER by the People (Official Trailer)

    I’m proud to present my first documentary short (15 minutes) that I started almost two years ago with Heather Hendrie. Initially I just wanted to get some practice shooting a documentary. However, what was only suppose to take a day, took a year to complete. And now it’s done! Powered by the People is a documentary short about one person’s idea to engage the community on energy issues through a bike powered concert. It will be premiered on June 30th […]

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  • ENGAGE with Story

    After spending a couple days with Caylan, I got a glimpse into what life is like in a wheelchair. This short video shares that experience. HSP will take the time to investigate, explore and reveal the stories that need telling.

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  • INTERACT by Inviting Participation

    Video is not just about capturing what happens, but it is also about inviting participation and conversation and having their voice heard. In this video, a collaboration with a musician sparked a call for civic engagement among the youth at the federal election.

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  • GIVE VOICE to the Edge

    When the Seniors Action Group came to HSP with a wacky script, amateur actors, and the goal of breaking “old people” stereotypes, we couldn’t say no. HSP can help you realize your creative vision.

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  • SHARE your ideas (TEDxCalgary)

    You’ve worked hard planning your event inspiring participants with ideas worth sharing like John Brown, an architect who shares stories about the beauty and elegance of slow homes. Don’t just bring in your camcorder in at the last minute. Get HSP to help you creatively setup the stage and plan a shoot that will honour the spirit of the event.

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  • Meet the Human Race

    Meet the Human Race

    This is quite possibly the most important video I have cut together to date. Not because I shot it. In fact, I’ve taken liberally from Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s HOME, BBC’s Journey of Man, and Ronald Wright’s Short History of Progress. It’s important not because the ideas are original. They are drawn from Leadership Calgary and from the work of the Action Studies Institute. It’s important because it’s a vivid reminder to me every day that I am part of the human […]

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  • What is Love?

    What is Love?

    Weddings are both a unique mix of the couple, families, friends, and a ritualistic and ceremonial celebration of the eternal. It’s easy to be cynical of the idealistic and sometimes naive ideas of love, but I think it’s still worth searching for the best of what we can be.  

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  • LGBTQ and Other Important Letters

    LGBTQ and Other Important Letters

    Not having a lot of experience with the LGBTQ community and what even those letters really mean, I gained new perspective when interviewing people for Yiorgos’ Acts of Greatness project. Gender flexible and androgynous were just a few of the terms I learned. More revealing was their struggle to define themselves when the mainstream ran counter to their instincts. But isn’t that what more of us are facing? Often the mainstream doesn’t make sense and we have to challenge and […]

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  • Elder in the Making

    Elder in the Making

    :An aboriginal and a settler go on a Treaty 7 roadtrip Over the last year I have been getting to know the cast and crew of the Making Treaty 7 theatrical production. Seeing native and non-native actors, playwrights, dancers, and musicians studying, exploring, and expressing the stories surrounding Treaty 7 was eye-opening. How many of us know anything about our heritage here in Southern Alberta? Can we see how it shapes us today? If the sold-out workshop presentation at the […]

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  • Making Treaty 7 – A Hidden Story

    Making Treaty 7 – A Hidden Story

      Sometimes the most important hidden story is the one concealed right underneath your local history books. All my life I have lived on Treaty 7 land and know not a single fact about it. I was born in Montreal with a Chinese heritage, but I grew up here in Calgary. Sure, I read something about small pox wiping out most of the indigenous population. Yet for the most part I had this sense that there was no history here. […]

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  • C100: New Member of the Family

    C100: New Member of the Family

    While a camera is a tool for storytelling, I think many artists develop a relationship with their tools. It’s like good friends you have come to know with time. You also know there is never one friend (unless you are supremely lucky) that meets all of your needs. Some friends would love to go hiking in the mountains but would be detest a crowded party. My Canon 60D takes great pictures and delivers decent video in a lightweight, portable package. My […]

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